Steven Seagal

In May 2005 Steven Seagal arrived in Cape Town to make a film called the “Mercenaries”.

It is well known that Steven has a fantastic collection of vintage guitars, both electric and acoustic. I have heard that his collection of vintage Martin’s is one of the best in the world.

It was therefore a great honour for me to get a call from Steven’s Personal Assistant, asking me to please bring in some guitars to his house for his perusal.┬áThat was the beginning of a wonderful few hours and weeks spent around Steven and his entourage, talking guitars, Bhuddism and life.

Steven was to my mind very taken with my guitars and my Dreadnought guitars in particular. He went on to commission me to make him something very special and unique, using an aged top and selecting from a variety of my Brazilian Rosewood backs and sides.

As Steven is predominantly a fine electric guitar player, one of his briefs was that the guitar should have a fantastic sound, but using light gauge strings, 11 to 52 . The design aspects of the guitar have therefore been altered, and the finished instrument was much to his satisfaction.

We spent interesting time discussing meaningful and spiritual Inlays for the guitar. You can see them in the photographs below.