Orchestra Model (OM)

Available as in all models 12 or 14 frets to the neck joint.

The OM Model is very similar to the Grand Concert guitar, it was created specifically to be a smaller guitar across the lower bout. There is very little tone, volume or sound difference between the two guitars.

The dimensions are below.

Lowerbout – 392mm – 15 7/16 ”
Waist – 232mm – 9 1/8 ”
Upperbout – 288mm – 11 5/8 ”

All guitars are available in Brazilian Rosewood, African Blackwood, Cocobolo, Pink Ivory & other. Please email me to discuss the tonal  implications of the different woods for backs & sides as well as availability.

All tops are preferably over 20 years old hand selected over many years Alpine or European spruce.


Reviews of OM Model

“I am enamored with Marc’s work. Maingard guitars are very complete, the full sonic spectrum is present and in balance. I feel I can play any style from my repertoire on this guitar, just anything, rock, blues, rags, celtic. It’s happy to go where you point it. The neck shape and setup are superbly comfortable. An easy player for sure. This one is awesome at any price, but this price it’s simply amazing.” – Paul Heumiller

“This is a strong and beautiful instrument. You hear everything you play, it’s very rewarding.” – Al Petteway