OOO Model

The OOO Model is 10mm  (3/8 inch) narrower that the Orchestra Model Guitar. It joins the body at either the 12th or the 14th fret. If desired, it can also feature the traditional slotted peg head. It is the favoured instrument of fingerstyle and blues players and has a smooth base resonant tone that is accentuated by the guitar’s centred bridge. Because of its size, playability and surprisingly large voice, it is as popular as my traditional best seller, the Grand Concert Guitar.

Length 522mm (20 9/16″)
Topbout 278mm (10 15/16″)
Waist 231mm (9 15/16″
Lowerbout 386mm (15 3/16″)
Depth at tail 118mm (4 5/8″)

All guitars are available in Brazilian Rosewood, African Blackwood, Cocobolo, Pink Ivory & other. Please email me to discuss the tonal  implications of the different woods for backs & sides as well as availability.

All tops are preferably over 20 years old hand selected over many years Alpine or European spruce.

OOO Model

Reviews of OOO

“We went for it all on this Maingard 000. We asked Marc to make it really special. He hunted and found us a 2 piece set of African Blackwood, and trust us this wood is much harder to get than even Brazilian Rosewood. We asked for a 12 fret with dual bevels, the venetion cutaway, a custom heelcap and we even added a red perfling line throughout the guitar on the top, back, sides and headstock.This adds a lot of beautiful character to this guitar. We knew it would sound great, but Marc really outdid himself, this guitar is astonishing. The voice has it all, it’s sweet but powerful, clear but energetic, crisp but full and deep. African Blackwood has a very special voice all it’s own that is full and rich with haunting low mids and bass and fat trebles. If you could have just one guitar for the rest of your days, this would make you smile daily” – Paul Heumiller

“I love the 12-fret 000 size for fingerstyle guitar. This one is even better than the last one. It’s one of the best sounding guitars I’ve played. And with only light scratches on the pickguard, it’s practically brand new.” – Al Petteway