Grand Concert Guitars

As played by Top South African acoustic guitarist Syd Kitchen, Richard Tait and others. With its beautifully nipped in waist the Grand Concert Guitar is the most striking guitar in the steel string range. The versatility and even balance between bass, treble and mid-range produces excellent projection and clarity with a subtle warmth and surprising volume, making it a very playable instrument for all styles.

The choice of popular guitarist Steven Stills on his 1996 South African tour. As on all Maingard steel string guitars every neck is fitted with an adjustable truss rod and is gracefully hand-shaped. This, coupled with low action and smooth fretwork, make for tireless and enjoyable playing. All Maingard guitars have the option of being amplified.

Lowerbout – 408mm – 16 1/16 “
Waist – 232mm – 9 1/8 “
Upperbout – 290mm – 11 7/16″

“I came to South Africa for the concert but I was lucky to find one of the worlds best guitar makers here. His guitar has a lovely unique sound of its own, he’s really one of the best in the world.” -Steven Stills 

All guitars are available in Brazilian Rosewood, African Blackwood, Cocobolo, Pink Ivory & other. Please email me to discuss the tonal  implications of the different woods for backs & sides as well as availability.

All tops are preferably over 20 years old hand selected over many years Alpine or European spruce.


Reviews of Grand Concert

“What gets me about Maingard guitars is how the sound swells into a full, beautiful and colorful wall of sound. You almost want to stop playing and just listen. Marc has gone the extra mile on this new guitar. In addition to the wonderful appointments we requested he added a green purfling line over the entire guitar. It’s subtle but stunning. The Brazilian set here is to die for and it sounds wonderful. Together with the European Spruce top you get Marc’s full rich bass and clear punchy trebles in spades. The front and back bevels offer amazing comfort and a fresh look as well. This is something special from Capetown South Africa…” – Paul Heumiller

“Another Beautiful instrument from Maingard Guitars. This guitar is uniquely beautiful and sounds amazing.” – Al Petteway