12 String Guitars

David Crosby of Crosby, Stills & Nash had this to say on his 1996 tour of South Africa

“Incredibly accurate all the way past the 14th fret, a beautiful tone and so easy to play.”

All guitars are available in Brazilian Rosewood, African Blackwood, Cocobolo, Pink Ivory & other. Please email me to discuss the tonal  implications of the different woods for backs & sides as well as availability.

All tops are preferably over 20 years old hand selected over many years Alpine or European spruce.

Reviews of 12 String

“Marc Maingard is a treasure in the guitar world. Since the 70’s he’s been building incredible instruments for the likes of Earl Klugh and Steven Stills. His Bevel design is my very favorite, sleek and comfortable they make his guitars feel like a Stratocaster. This one is stunning with it’s colorful inlays and the tone is sweet and angelic. “ – Paul Heumiller

“A beautiful instrument that has the tone that every fingerstyle player is looking for. It’s rich and full with plenty of mids and highs. It just doesn’t get much better.” – Al Petteway