Maingard Guitars Deluxe Series

Maingard Guitars Deluxe Grand Concert Guitar
Deluxe: Oxford Dictionary -adj- Luxurious or sumptuous; of a superior kind.

Over the top expensive? Maybe. But if one had a choice as a guitar player to fulfill the 3 guitar player/owner requirements of:

1. Awesome sound in every respect
2. Fantastic playability and intonation
3. Stunningly Beautiful to look at

…then this is IT. The Best of the Best, in my 40 years of experience as a player and Luthier.

Every 3 to 4 years I travel to the USA, Europe and the United Kingdom to meet other players, Luthiers, friends and family and to hand select wood and accessories for my deluxe range of guitars. I search for master grade plus, aged sitka, englemann, adarondyke and cedar for my tops. These are all carefully tapped and selected for awesome tone, stiffness and visual beauty. I use the rarest and most gorgeous Brazilian rosewood, maple and others for my backs and sides.

The Maingard Guitars Deluxe Series guitars have the finest handmade machine heads. They also have the most exotic pearl, abalone, snail shell, diamonds, silver, gold and coloured woods, all hand cut and inlaid (no laser or cnc lookalikes). These are all carefully combined to provide what I consider necessary to build the ultimate guitar.

The Maingard Guitars Deluxe Series features can be applied as an upgrade to all of my guitars.

Grand Concert
Upperbout =
290mm     11 7/16 inches
Waist =
232mm     9 1/8 inches
Lowerbout =
408mm     16 1/16 inches